The building was designed by Emery Roth in 1927 in a Renaissance Revival style: the lobby has a materials palette similar the lobby at 60 Gramercy Park North, which we restored as well: terrazzo floors, travertine walls, leaded glass windows on the courtyard, decorative pattern on the ceiling.

The program called for a new doorman desk, and improvements to the appearance of the spaces including lighting, finishes, stained glass and furniture.

The new doorman desk is located in the main space, the doors have been restored to their original wood grained finish, the non-original elevator doors (now painted black) have been changed to paneled bronze doors replicating the original doors. Since the destination points of the lobby are the elevator doors it is important for them to provide the appropriate focus. The existing light fixtures have been restored and re-lamped with LED bulbs. The damaged stained-glass windows have been restored.

The ceiling’s decorative border has been stripped of its many layers of paint and painted with a polychrome scheme, highlighted with metal leaf.

Lastly, we have given focus and a residential feel to the long lobby by placing two large area rugs in the center of the lobby with, under the center chandelier a large round oak table with a large flower display. The selection of the right furniture was important as we aimed to create the feel of an elegant apartment building lobby as distinct from a private living room: therefore, the new armchairs have a scale and line that we believe successful.

The success of this budget conscious project depended on a n umber of small moves well-conceived and well executed.