The apartment building at 250 Cabrini Boulevard in Manhattan was designed by noted architects Boak and Paris and completed in 1937. As in all speculative residential buildings of the period, the lobby was an important public space, setting an appropriate tone of modernity and luxury.

Although the Art Deco lobby still has its original components (polychrome terrazzo floor, etched glass doors with nickel frames, ceiling with geometric pattern, etc.) the ensemble has lost its cohesiveness.

The exterior lighting scheme is lost also: it consisted of symmetrically placed columnar lights framing the large entrance recess and, at the door, lights at the top of the square framing elements diffused by textured glass.

We have conducted a thorough investigation of the original finishes and will restore them meticulously. We will also restore the original nickel and frosted glass, built-in, light fixtures as well as the two chandeliers. The unusual light columns on each side of the entrance will be reinstated and we have designed new exterior light fixtures to replace long-gone lanterns.


Architect: Françoise Bollack Architects
Françoise Bollack, AIA, Principal in charge
Charles Huang, RA, LEEP AP, Project Manager

Finishes Investigation:
Jablonski Berkowitz Conservation

Decorative Painting Contractor:
Felix Chavez, Inc.
Felix Chavez, Project Manager
General Contractor:
Scordio Construction

Photographer: Completed restoration: Henrik Olund