Newark Visitor's Center BRICK CITY BEACONS


The visitor center is reinvented as a series of beacons along the Passaic River. The beacons are 120 feet tall, open work steel structures, in which are inserted enclosed volumes housing display, viewing and community functions. Each beacon "belongs" to its inland neighborhood and marks its presence on the curving Passaic River waterfront. A visitor can see one, several, or all beacons while walking along the river.

The beacons function locally - providing a place for local cultures to present themselves to visitors and explore their identity and history. The beacons function regionally, as they delineate the riverfront, day and night - seen from the city and from across the river. They are useful to visitors and to the local communities and they are integrated in the new waterfront.

WHAT'S IN THEM? Ground level: multipurpose room and changing exhibition space (+ rest rooms and administrative space). Mid level: green room for growing local and exotic plants meaningful to each community. Top: viewing platform for regional views, where each community will exhibit its history, cultures and quirks. The space encourages learning about the past, consideration of the future and reflection on the neighborhood's place in the region.

THE MARKERS Each beacon reaches inland through a series of markers, which form a network reinforcing neighborhood connections.

THE WEB A WiFi network covers the entire area empowering residents and visitors to participate.

GREEN Each beacon provides its own energy through a cladding of photovoltaic cells.