The Parsonage Historic Structure Report

The Parsonage is a two and a half story Gothic Revival building, built in 1855, with some later additions, and is currently managed by Historic Richmond Town. It was occupied by ministers of the South Reformed Dutch Church from 1855 to 1875 and after 1875 by a succession of private individuals until 1981 when the Staten Island Historical Society used it for offices. In 1969 the Parsonage was designated a Landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and in 1985 it was restored to its late 19th century appearance. The building was converted into a restaurant, which opened in 1995 and closed in 2008 and it is now empty, having sustained physical damage in several rooms due to the restaurant use.

The Historic Structure Report formulates a plan to protect the integrity of this landmarked building while making it an “earned-income component” of Historic Richmond Town and also integrating the new use in the programs of this historic site. The report provides improved research on the building accompanied by existing condition drawings with dating of elements when known for the purpose of determining historically sensitive areas and preservation needs. Additionally the report’s extensive research places this charming Gothic Revival building within the larger architectural and cultural context of Staten Island and the New York region.