Newark Visitor's Center MADE OF N.E.W.A.R.K.

Newark, NJ

Made of N.E.W.A.R.K.

The cell phone, GPS, and the internet have transformed habits of acquiring information; a visitors center where all the information is located at one place is counter to current habits. A centralized location also does not give adequate representation to the diverse neighborhoods of Newark.

Our project proposes to reinvent the visitor center as a city wide physical network. Conceptually, the visitor center is made of pieces of each Newark neighborhood; each neighborhood makes up the whole that is Newark. The visitor center can be entered at many points of the city.

Proactive Pieces provide visitors and locals the following at all locations:
-Local Neighborhood culture & history search
-Local Neighborhood Business and Services search
-Greater Newark culture & history search
-Greater Newark Business and Services search
-Way finding
-Bus GPS (location of bus on route)
-Light rail & Subway Tracker
-Emergency Response Hotline
-Photovoltaic powered
-Internet + Wireless access

Proactive Pieces may contribute to other activities depending on localized conditions:
-Water quality monitoring
-Historic Preservation
-Archaeological excavation
-Out door film festivals
-Community Gardens
-Recycling stations
-Art installations
-Job postings

Visitor Center Headquarters is designed as separate pieces corresponding to the program:
-Section changes between program pieces allow for daylighting and natural cross ventilation.
-Zoned environmental conditions maximizing energy use.
-The building is sited on existing disturbed ground, the natural forested area is undisturbed and integrated as a park.